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I teach a mix of art and design based classes, free motion quilting, and traditional methods. Each class can be reasonably tailored to the group attending. Or if the group thing isn't for you, private tutoring to your specific needs is available.

If you are interested in group classes or private tutoring, please contact me via my email.


Group Classes Available

Ink, paint, pastels...Oh my

An intro to using these various mediums on fabric to enhance your quilts or create your own unique art quilt.

One or two day class dependent on group or individual

Beginner level

micro quilting class photo

Intro to Micro Texture Quilting

Anyone can learn to freemotion quilt. Micro texture quilting explores natural textures and how to incorporate them into art and other types of quilts.

One or two day class dependent on the group or individual

Intermediate level

art quilts your way class photo

Art Quilts Your Way

Learn various methods to express yourself through quilting. Different avenues of getting an image from your head into your hands.

Two plus days dependent on the group or individual

Ambitious Beginner and Beyond

CYMK + White class image

CYMK + White

Ink is a favourite medium of mine, but it is a bit on the pricey side. How to make the most of a minimal set of colours. Explore the world of acrylic ink with the ultimate basics. Learn how to mix what you want using cyan, magenta, yellow, black (K), and white. Schminke Inks used.

One day class

Ambitious Beginner and Beyond

Private Tutoring

Group classes don't work for everyone. I offer private tutoring for any of the above techniques as well as traditional ones like needle turn appliqué.

All levels

More classes will be posted as they become available.

Thank you for your patience.

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